Welcome to 
The Topeka Country Club
For over one hundred years, members of The Topeka Country Club have witnessed major events in our nation’s history. They have seen the transformation of their city from a railroad outpost to a thriving capital city in the Midwest. And they have celebrated family milestones and enjoyed their friends in a setting remarkably similar to that seen by the Club’s founders in 1905. 

World-class recreational facilities, a comfortable and dignified Clubhouse, and outstanding service combine to make the Club a standard for clubs nationwide. Through the century of accomplishment, the members and staff of The Topeka Country Club have maintained a casual, friendly sense of hospitality and camaraderie.  A member was once quoted, "The members have built 'a place to go' that has maintained a rock solid devotion to the vision of our founders."  

From the moment you enter The Topeka Country Club, you’ll be catered to by people who personally know and care about you. For your family and friends, for your business associates- for yourself- we invite you to discover the very finest our city has to offer, Welcome to The Topeka Country Club.  
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Building on Our Legacy

The Topeka Country Club is currently undergoing a $7.5 Million Renovation.
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